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Mysteries by Vincent proudly presents:

Our Interactive Murder Mystery Party Skit-kits -- A Mystery Party Format for Fundraisers, Large Parties, Family Reunions, Bed and Breakfasts, and More . . .

And yes, we do have fourth title
in our very popular Mystery Party Skit-kits:
Diamonds are a Girl's Last Friend
Who Bagged the Beauty?

(Set in the Camelot Era of 1962)
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Because we had sooooo many requests for murder mystery party materials for fundraisers and other large parties, we came up with an entirely new format, an Interactive Mystery Party Skit-kitTM. This is not dinner theatre . . . no . . . it's very different! In a nutshell, here's how this format works:

You select 4 men and 4 women to play the character roles. (You do not need to hire actors for this, and in fact, we recommend picking people from your organization/family/whatever who like to ham it up.) These characters are then set up in 8 different rooms. Keep in mind, these can be actual different rooms in a house or hotel, or they can be different "stations" in a church hall, for instance.

The guests arrive to learn that a murder has taken place and now it's up to them to solve the crime. They receive a Guest Handout which gives them instructions on how to proceed. The first step is to visit the different rooms where they will hear a monologue from each character. On the first visit they'll hear the first monologue, and on the second visit they'll hear the second monologue. The guests are also instructed to ask questions and find certain numbered clues along the way, such as a diamond necklace, the will, etc. They are allowed to visit any room as much as they like, and in fact, will probably need to.

This game is designed to be highly interactive, with lots of clues to find, hence allowing your guests to actually become detectives for an evening. (And believe us, your guests will turn into Junior FBI Agents before your very eyes!) In essence, it's as though you've walked into a mystery novel and are now trying to solve the crime. This party format is also easy to put on, since each of your "actors" only has a few monologues to memorize. Plus each actor will receive their own extensive character guidebook, giving them tons of information about their history, their relationships to the other characters, where they were when, etc., so they can accurately adlib and answer any questions. And because the characters don't interact with anyone but the guests, this format requires very little rehearsal time.

Here's a shot of a production of Murder at Ilbredde Manor at St. Catherine of Sienna Church, Missouri City, TX. What a suspicious-looking bunch!

In each Mysteries by Vincent skit-kittm, you will receive:

- Complete Host/Hostess guide and instructions
- Character Guide books, which include each character's monologues
- Printed Clues
- Prop list
- Room labels
- Invitations, photocopy ready
- Guest Handouts and Answer Insert Sheets, photocopy ready
- And more!

Now here's the really good news . . . You can adjust this party format to fit the size of your particular group. That's right, you will receive a shrinkwrap license agreement with each skit-kittm, which gives you permission to make as many photocopies of the Invitations, Guest Handouts and Answer Sheet Inserts as you might need for all the guests attending your party or fundraiser. (Photocopy permission is given for a one-time use only.) Hence, if you're expecting 50 people to attend your party, you can make enough copies for 50 guests. Or if you're expecting 200 people to attend, you can make 200 copies. And so on . . .

We currently have four skit-kit titles available:

Murder at Ilbredde Manor (Set in 1943)
The Case of the Gastronomic Gumshoe (Set in 1953)

Diamonds are a Girl's Last Friend (Set in 1962)

Speak Easy or Forever Hold Your Piece (Set in the 1920s)

For your convenience, these Skit-kits can be ordered directly from our webstore.

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