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Here's all you have to do:

1. Solve the mini-mysteries below by filling in the blanks.

2. Email us with your answers, and if you've answered correctly, we'll give you 10% off your next Mysteries by Vincent order! (You may only win once. Only one certificate may be applied to an order. Winning certificates are good for 6 months.)

Now . . . Here our the Mini-Mysteries, with themes that go along with some of our best-selling games like Diamonds are For Eva, and The Maltese Fall Guy. Good Luck and Happy Sleuthing!

The diamonds were so dazzling
Around the woman's neck
They'd clearly cost a fortune,
But someone else had written the check.

She'd stolen them from another
On one of her nightly quests,
And now she wore them at the party,
To be admired by all the guests.

She had her eye on some emeralds,
Dangling from another woman's ears
She was determined she would have them,
And leave the other woman in tears.

She would steal them later in the night,
When all the party guests had gone,
She smiled with excitement,
Nothing could go wrong.

But another woman stood quietly,
Staring from across the room,
She recognized the diamonds,
Danger she knew would loom.

She'd come to the party incognito
So no one would recognize her,
She'd been tracking a cat burglar
And now she was all the wiser.

For the thief that she'd been stalking
Stood only twenty feet away,
She was wearing the very jewels,
She'd stolen from her on another day.

And now those diamonds would be hers again
But only after a dirty deed,
She'd stab the woman in the back
And the cat burglar would bleed.

With a cavalier smile,
She quietly went into the hall,
Seconds later the cat burglar,
Was told she had a call.

She left the room to find the phone,
And picked up the receiver,
But no one was on the line,
Someone had deceived her.

The end came moments later,
She didn't know what hit her,
The diamonds were whisked away,
And the other woman no longer bitter.

For the one who had killed the cat burglar
Was the diamonds original ___________,
She had lured the thief into the hall,
By going out to phone her.

Copyright 2001, Cindy Vincent

Now's here's our second Mini-mystery:

It was a dark and stormy night,
Yet all were sound asleep,
Sedatives in the gravy
Would cause not a peep.

Eleven years of service,
And all without a raise,
The cook was at her wit's end
And looking for some praise.

She sneaked into the Master's room
And stole the safe's combination
Then tiptoed to the study
Where she planned remuneration.

She pocketed the money,
And headed for the door,
But a fireplace poker hit her head
And laid her on the floor.

The man had been on a diet,
And foregone the tainted food,
He took the money from her hand,
Now in a better mood.

Yes, it was the cook's own _______________,
Who killed her in the foyer.

Copyright 2001, Cindy Vincent

Now, here's our third Mini-mystery:

3. He downed his gin and tonic,
From his cigarette took one last puff,
He donned his gray fedora,
For he had had enough.

The singer had been just so-so,
The band had dragged the beat,
He left the nightclub bleary-eyed,
And barely on his feet.

The week had been a long one,
For the weary private eye,
The money wasn't worth it,
Not when his partner had to die.

But who had killed old Morley?
Was it a friend, a foe, or both?
The mystery rattled in his brain,
He wanted to catch the oaf.

If only he could figure it out,
And avenge his partner's death,
Maybe he could end his grief,
And put the case to rest.

He went home and had a glass of milk,
And reviewed the details of that night,
Morley had been shot at close range
Without even putting up a fight.

The killer had been at Morley's place,
And Morley'd been sitting in his chair,
The bullet had passed through his heart,
And not even messed up his hair.

There'd been no signs of a break-in,
Had the killer come in the front entry?
Morley had been expecting a dame that night,
He said she was a real honeybee.

But he'd been quiet about her name,
And his partner wondered why,
Who and what was she,
That made it his night to die?

Suddenly a light dawned,
He remembered a fiery flirtation,
Morley and the boss' wife,
It was clear there was temptation.

The boss had barely shed a tear,
When Morley was found dead,
He'd even looked a little smug,
When he shook his head.

That's when the P.I. knew the truth,
And the reason for his loss,
For the one who'd killed his partner
Had been none other than their _________.

Copyright 2005, Cindy Vincent

Now just email us with your answers (which are the words that fill in the blanks)!

And while you're at it, check out our Winner's Circle from our old mini-mystery contest!


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Our focus is also on the humor of the game. If you're not laughing, we're not happy. But the biggest goal with our mystery party games is to make it easy for you to host a party in your own home, and share some laughter and fun with some friends, or people who feel like friends by the end of the party!