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To host a Women-Only murder mystery party:

Our murder mystery games for women-only are hosted much like our regular 8-player games, with a few exceptions. First, our women-only mystery party line has three parts or chapters to the game instead of the regular four parts per game. Why? Well, let's face it, we women tend to be a little more . . . ahem . . . verbal . . . and we need a little extra time to add in our comments and really have fun playing our character roles. So, by shortening the game, (and hence the amount of time to play the game), women can chat as much as they like while in character.

Plus, many women's groups meet on a weeknight, and it's very likely that everyone will need to get home at a decent time because they probably have to get up early the next day. So, by having only three rounds instead of four, a group of women can easily play one of these murder mystery games in an evening and make it home on time to handle all their responsibilities. So, you'll have a fun night, but won't miss a beat when it comes to all the other things you have to do. Piece of cake!

And speaking of cake, for our women-only murder mystery party line, we recommend foregoing the usual meal and serving lots of finger foods instead, especially if it's an evening party. You can easily serve things like finger sandwiches, and appetizers, and let's not forget all the desserts. Pot luck is the "in" thing this year, so you can easily and inexpensively have everyone bring a plate of their favorite food.

Otherwise, here's the specifics for hosting one of our women-only murder mystery games:

1. Begin by sending out the invitations included in each mystery party game kit. The front of the invitation tells a little about the setting of the game. For instance, the story may be set in modern times at the opening of a sweetshop, with a chocolate theme to the game. The back of the invitation lists all the characters. You can either assign everyone a role or let them pick who they'd like to play. Be sure to tell everyone to arrive on time and in character.You and your guests may or may not dress in costume. While it's not necessary, it is highly recommended that you do, as it can really add to the fun!

2. On the night of the murder mystery party, pass out the Personal Guidebooks. This gives the Front Story and the Real Story about each character. And yes, each character has some kind of skeleton they'd rather keep hidden in the closet. They've at least been embezzling from the bank, or maybe they're the third cousin who was left out of Great-Grandpa's will or . . . (you get the picture). Everyone's Personal Guidebook will be different, with clues and a storyline for each specific character. Part of the fun of a murder mystery party is trying to make everyone else look like they might be the guilty party, while you, of course, are much too innocent to commit any such kind of mayhem.

3. Next, everyone will learn that a fictitious person was murdered, someone that all the characters knew somehow. It's also revealed that, thanks to the brilliant deductions of a detective, the eight people at the party are the only suspects. Now it's up to the group to determine whodunit.

4. Turning to the first of the three parts, or chapters, of the murder mystery game, each person will find they have approximately three clues to disclose. (This is not an actual script, though; you simply read the clues to yourself, then put them into your own words, and reveal them as though you were talking about the weather.) Through these clues, the storylines will unfold. And with each chapter, you'll also learn more about your own character. You might even be the murderer, but you won't know until the end . . .

5. At the end of the fourth chapter, everyone is encouraged to guess whodunit. Then everyone turns to the Conclusion Pages which tell all.


Summer is here and it's time for some fun! For an easy to host murder mystery party, check out our tropical-themed murder mystery game, Death on the Isle, or Who Conched the Conniver? Murder Mystery Parties are our specialty. Our murder mystery party games make it simple for you to entertain inexpensively at home! Our games come in boxes, and include complete instructions, so even first-time hosts can easily put on a mystery party that will provide your guests with a wonderfully, memorable evening. Especially since, at Mysteries by Vincent, we like to make mystery party entertaining . . . EASY. That's why we offer a wide range of mystery party products, from murder mystery games for 8 and 10 players, to our murder mystery party games for women only, as well as our children's mystery party games - the Daisy Diamond Detective Series for pre-teen girls - and finally, our murder mystery Skit-kits for large parties and fundraisers.