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How to Host Mysteries by Vincent Murder Mystery Games

At Mysteries by Vincent, we'll help make your mystery party an event to remember by offering boxed murder mystery party games that are easy to host, fun to play, and will keep you and your guests hilariously entertained for hours.

As you look through our site, you'll notice we have wide range of mystery party product lines. To read the "How to Host" instructions on each of these mystery party products, simply click on the links below. But keep in mind, each of our mystery party games comes with very thorough instructions. (Some might even say it's a bit of overkill . . .) The first half of the instructions tells you how to set up for the party, and the second half gives you step-by-step instructions to play the game once you're at the party. But follow the links below to learn more details about each of our mystery game lines.

Murder Mystery Games for 8 Players
Murder Mystery Games for 10 Players
The Daisy Diamond Detective Series for Pre-teen Girls
Mystery Party Skit-kits for Large Parties and Fundraisers
Murder Mystery Games for Women Only.

This brings us to a question that we are frequently asked:

Aside from our large party kits for fundraisers, why do we mostly sell murder mystery games that are for either 8 or 10 players? The answer to this is simple. When it comes to the psychology of a group, a group of 8-10 people is the optimum number to allow for group interaction. Think of it as the "Goldilocks" of group sizes -- meaning, "it's just right." Too small a group doesn't allow for enough interaction between the members. And a group that is much larger than 8-10 people can cause some of the members to feel gun-shy. Whereas a group of 8 or 10, sitting around a dinner table playing a mystery party game, can be a comfortable environment for all. That's also one of the reasons we've designed our large party kits the way we have, too. Instead of interacting with an entire huge group, again, people interact in small groups, as they visit the various "rooms" or "stations" set up in each of our large party skit-kits. Because, as far as we're concerned, not only should your guests have in interesting and in-depth mystery to solve, but they should also be made to feel relaxed and at home. And we believe our murder mystery party games and kits will help you do just that!

Mystery dinner parties

Murder Mystery Parties are our specialty. Our murder mystery party games make it simple for you to entertain inexpensively at home! Our games come in boxes, and include complete instructions, so even first-time hosts can easily put on a mystery party that will provide your guests with a wonderfully, memorable evening. Especially since, at Mysteries by Vincent, we like to make mystery party entertaining . . . 1. EASY! That's why we offer a wide range of mystery party products, from murder mystery games for 8 and 10 players, to our murder mystery party games for women only, as well as our children's mystery party games - the Daisy Diamond Detective Series for pre-teen girls - and finally, our murder mystery Skit-kits(tm) for large parties and fundraisers. Some of our mystery games can be hosted in a heartbeat. But if you'd like to put on a more elaborate party, we've got murder mystery dinner party games for that, too. Our murder mystery games come in boxes, with invitations, character booklets, complete instructions and clues included. And 2. FUN. Let's face it, there's nothing like an evening of laughing with your friends! Our mystery party games are written to be funny, and nothing like true crime. We proudly offer our "Laugh or your money back" guarantee.